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DIY Paint Makeover Kits

DIY Paint Makeover Kits for your home

Our Home Makeover Paint Kits are convenient packages designed to provide all the materials a person needs to paint an area of the house that may need some attention, or, just to change the colour.

These kits bring together high quality painting and application tools, suited for any project. Simply Make sure to decide on the Cloverdale Paint colours for your upcoming project to make it as easy and fast as possible!

DIY Paint Makeover Kits for your home

Choosing paint colours starts with figuring out what general colour you and the people occupying the space enjoy - or can at least agree on!  If you have no idea, consider the more permanent objects in the space as as source of inspiration - the sofa, a piece of artwork, lamp shades, brick, tiles, etc.  Those objects contain colours that may be great as a wall colour!

Cloverdale Paint has a wide range of paint colours from which to choose and that suit all colour preferences - from popular off-whites and neutrals in our Artisan collection, to the stronger, bolder hues in the ColorIs collection. Currently, we are not accepting colour matches for these kits.

Colour Codes CA001 - CA228Colour Codes 0001 - 1320 
 Exterior     Porch
 Colour Codes EX001 - EX096Colour Codes EX219 - EX291