Coil Coatings

Cloverdale Paint has been supplying the coil coating industry for over 30 years through our acquisition of AllColour Paints. We are committed to being a part of what this market can provide to end-users by engineering innovative coatings for new applications and providing world-class technical service. Our experienced lab and development program have allowed us to custom formulate:

  • Warranted SMP’s and Polyesters for siding and roofing
  • Warranted polyesters for Garage and Entry door systems
  • Specialty PVC and striated PVC for high build applications for the constructions industry
  • Specialty high build and metallic polyurethanes for the building industry
  • High Grade polyesters for baseboard heaters and water jackets
  • Phenolic liners and Acrylics for the pail and lid industry

With over 120 company owned in North America, servicing coil coated products in the field after installation is a significant focus for our Company. Our strong relationships with local contractors coupled with high performance coatings that can be used for touch-ups in the field ensure OE quality throughout the life of the product.

Our strong presence in Associations, such as the NOVA group, provide us access to global expertise and technologies; allowing us to offer new pre-painted products to various market segments.

Coil Coatings