Flat Line Coatings

For more than 25 years Cloverdale Paint has engineered world-class coating systems for manufacturers of wood products.  We are proud to supply leading edge coating technologies to the interior moulding and exterior fascia board industry across North America.

We understand the first thing that gets noticed when you approach and enter a home is the detail work. We provide coatings that give the look, feel and level of craftsmanship that the finishing contractors and homeowners have come to expect on each and every board.

Our collaborative approach creates unique formulas tailored to the application process of each customer. We strive to provide continued value by formulating coatings more user-friendly and technically advanced to maximize savings to the overall applied cost, continued enhancements with sanding and post buff capabilities with faster off line handling times.

Our Technical team has developed primers through to fully pre-finished systems for all flatline applications.

Distribution channels appreciate the smooth finishes, consistent color and anti-marking resistance our products can provide – as these capture the voice of end-user requirements.

Coating over a half a billion lineal feet per year in North America, our products are part of the quality and craftsmanship that go into making every homeowner proud.

Flat Line Coatings