Cloverdale Paint is committed to developing and commercializing state-of-the art chemistries that comply with the latest environmental regulations.

Through investments in R&D, manufacturing technology, process improvement and the innovation of our chemists, we balance the needs of the market with an unwavering commitment to meeting today’s environmental concerns through an initiative we call One Leaf.

Strictly adhering to ISO 9001:2015 certification guidelines demonstrates to our customers that Cloverdale Paint conforms to the highest standards of quality assurance.

Initiatives taken in key areas have led to major improvements in our ability to deliver the right product and technology to satisfy our customers dynamic needs. Cloverdale Paint uses a regimented Stage-Gate process that audits each phase of a project to ensure adherence to project scope and processes.


We continue to be an industry innovator. Our largest investments are in people, processes and equipment that support innovation.

  • As a result, we’ve attracted some of the industry’s brightest and most talented chemists. With a solutions-driven approach to develop many new breakthrough chemistries, we have introduced the following product innovations:
  • Patented high solids products to reduce VOC and HAPS emissions in ISO free and standard urethane liquid technologies
  • Development of our next generation ultra high solids ISO free polymer systems
  • New low energy cure powder coatings designed to reduce oven operating costs and increase throughput
  • Continuous upgrading of existing formulas by working collaboratively with our customers to meet their specific challenges


Whether it’s harder or tougher finishes, application efficiency, reduced cycle times, lower environmental impact or simply brilliance of finish – Cloverdale Paint’s product line delivers.

We’re constantly striving to improve; searching out new chemistry to solve whatever challenges our customers present to us. Through progressive initiatives, we deliver high performance products.

If our current product lines don’t suit your exact requirements, we have the ability to custom engineer one that will.

Cloverdale is structured along three divisions and areas of expertise:


We design and produce our own proprietary resin systems for our liquid coatings.

Liquid Coatings
Because of our unique ability to produce custom polymers, we offer application improvements and customized product performance characteristics such as cure speed or DTM performance.

Powder Coatings
We have developed a low energy cure powder system in both standard Polyester and Super Durable Polyester systems. In addition to this, we have also established a new benchmark in single coat corrosion resistance comparable to most powder primer / topcoat systems.