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Exceptional Service, Exceptional Products

Cloverdale Paint has had a special relationship with its customers ever since the company was founded in 1933. That relationship was built on a commitment to exceptional quality in manufactured coatings and superior customer service.

Company co-founder Rudy Henke built our reputation offering low prices using a “Factory direct to you” philosophy. From humble beginnings on a farm near Cloverdale, BC, we've grown into one of North America’s largest regional manufacturers and sellers of paint products and coatings.

The combination of skilled technicians and chemists, modern manufacturing equipment and the best available ingredients, has resulted in quality products that match our professional and industrial customers' needs. Ecologic® Waterborne enamels, created for the architectural and industrial marketplace, are examples of the technologically advanced and environmentally positive products that Cloverdale Paint is proud to provide. Just as important, we’re a family business with a commitment to strong community values. We believe that a vibrant community is the cornerstone of good business.

Our continued investment in growth is demonstrated by our recent expansion with the acquisitions of Rodda Paint Company, Guertin Coatings Ltd. and Peintures-Option Industrielle, and Serif Coatings, allowing Cloverdale Paint to expand its architectural and industrial product ranges.

We've spent over 90 years building a prosperous business. We hope that the few minutes spent reading this brochure will reveal where Cloverdale Paint has come from with a glimpse of where we're going.


Direct from the Factory to You

When you enter a Cloverdale Paint location, one fact becomes clear. Our customers range from the largest industrial and commercial paint companies in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest to the do-it-yourselfer. Our branches reflect the markets they serve.

In BC, we feature more retail stores to service the growing homeowner market along with several major contractor depots. In Alberta, the Prairies, we operate large industrial branches and contractor depots plus do-it-yourself stores. In the Northwestern US States, through Rodda Paint Company, our business is focused on contractor and industrial branches.

Customers recognize that Cloverdale Paint products represent the highest quality at affordable, factory-direct prices for large or small projects. At every location, our staff are experts.

Our commitment to excellence, product knowledge and customer service is evident whether you're looking for a 500 gallon commercial order for a new condo complex, a quart to touch up a scratched door frame, or high performance protective coating for corrosion resistance.


Moving in New Directions

During the explosive growth of Cloverdale Paint in the late 60’s, Alberta’s Monarch Paint was acquired and one of the present factories was built at 6950 King George Boulevard in Surrey, British Columbia. In the 70’s, extensive research and development, new bulk raw materials handling and the first colour matching and formulating computer in Western Canada allowed us to emerge as a leading supplier of industrial coatings. New product lines included air dry and bake enamels for the OEM market, coatings for the oil and gas industry, maintenance coatings for fabricators, machinery and equipment, along with coatings for the BC forest industry.

This broadened the company’s competitive product lines and moved it into new and exciting markets. During the 80’s and 90’s, additional focus went to servicing large paint contractors and institutional maintenance buyers of architectural paint, and now in the 00’s, industrial coatings, which continues to be advantageous.


The Standard of Manufacturing

Cloverdale Paint manufactures millions of gallons of paint every year. That’s a lot of paint, but every drop that leaves our plant exceeds industry standards with a total approach to quality. Cloverdale Paint is an industry leader in quality control testing and standards and is certified under ISO 9001: 2008.

We’re proud of our products and we stand behind them. That’s why we offer our famous “No Hassle Guarantee” that allows every retail customer a complete refund, replacement or exchange if, for any reason, they’re not happy with their purchase. We believe that if you make your customers number one, they’ll make you number one.

People, paint and plants... our factories large batch capacity, state-of-the-art manufacturing and filling equipment and the most modern paint production techniques allow for excellent efficiency. Modern warehouse facilities and shipping departments keep products flowing around the clock to our dedicated customers throughout Canada, the U.S. Pacific Northwest and around the globe.


Growing Markets and a Strong Team

In the early 90’s, we expanded into the United States. Six locations were opened in Washington and Oregon. Those stores joined Rodda’s distribution, along with any other US business we had at the time with the procuring of Rodda Paint in 2004.

The acquisition of Guertin Coatings in 2008 and Serif Coatings in 2012 (selling to OEM manufacturers) had a significant positive impact on Cloverdale’s industrial coatings sales, which are continuing to be our strongest department in the company.

Our impeccable sales team increased the intake new accounts in both trade and industrial. We also increased our number of branch locations in 2012; two stores were opened in Alberta, two in British Columbia, and two in Saskatchewan.

Our employees are entrepreneurs. Wink Vogel recognized that the true strength of Cloverdale Paint is its people and their pride in product quality. The Standard Of Manufacturing


It All Starts In The Laboratory

Great paint products require precise formulas. At Cloverdale Paint, research and development is more than just a department, it’s an attitude. Cloverdale’s extensive R&D Division enlists the most qualified, experienced chemists and technicians using state-of-the-art equipment to develop products that meet and often exceed our customers’ needs.

We’re a leading supplier to the commercial painting industry because our customers know, that in part, we’ve drawn on their experience to constantly improve the quality of the paints and coatings we manufacture.

Our wide range of products, including retail, architectural, industrial and high performance coatings, allow us to constantly exceed our mandate of delivering ‘service excellence’. Many of our customers ask us how we can sell products at such competitive prices. The answer is that manufacturing volume and efficiency generate savings, which we pass on.

A Reputation Built on Listening!

It has been said that no one ever “listened themselves out of a customer.” Cloverdale’s commitment to creating long-term, trusted relationships with a growing legion of customers was company co-founder Hunter Vogel’s mission.

Wink Vogel, Hunter’s son, has built on his father’s legacy by instilling the company with a commitment to sound professional and personal values. “One way we’ve kept our company strong is by recruiting the sons and daughters of current and past employees. This infuses the company with new ideas and talent while maintaining a rich, family tradition of craftsmanship that’s passed on from generation to generation.”