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USA and International

USA and International Sales (AS IS)

Cloverdale Paint provides manufacturing and distribution services for export opportunities. Cloverdale Paint Inc. was founded in 1933 and is Canada's largest privately owned paint manufacturer with 4 Canadian manufacturing facilities.

Multiple laboratory facilities, skilled chemists and technicians, and modern manufacturing equipment are used to employ the latest technologies and the best available raw materials for ongoing research and product development to meet the growing global demand for quality paint products and business opportunities.

Industrial Coatings

For all USA and International Industrial Coating inquiries, please contact:

Chris Guertin
Vice President, Industrial Coatings Division

Architectural / Trade

We welcome all inquiries about working with you! We have international market representatives below that can answer all questions you may have working with Cloverdale Paint.


Sun, Michael



Europe/Middle East
McKenna, Martin

For large volume exports please contact:

McKenna, Martin
Phone: 604-596-6261
Fax: 604-597-2677
Email: click here

For United States consumer sales and inquiries please visit