Colour Palettes

Take One Scenic Backdrop

Take One Scenic Backdrop Paint

Specifically formulated water-based paint for use in the film, television, and entertainment industries. The dead flat finish provides a deep level of colour and brilliance, without reflecting light or glare. Ideally suited for non-traffic surfaces and is not for use on exterior applications. Formulated low odour and VOC, the Take One Scenic Paint one-coat coverage and fast dry time make it ideally suietd for sets, props, backdrops, and other non-contact interior areas. 

A note about digital colour representation on screen:
The actual paint and wood stain colours may vary from the images displayed on this web site. We strongly recommend the actual paint colour samples be picked up from the Store and viewed under the lighting conditions where they will be applied to ensure complete colour satisfaction.

04428 LRV 11.3
Chroma Key Green
04427 LRV 12.5
Chroma Key Blue
04408 LRV 8.4
Brown Oxide
04411 LRV 8.0
Burnt Sienna
04422 LRV 9.8
Red Oxide
04414 LRV 9.2
Toluidine Red
04415 LRV 12.5 
Napthol Red
04413 LRV 17.7
Moly Orange
04416 LRV 7.7
04417 LRV 3.8
Carbazole Violet
04420 LRV 4.8
Ultramarine Blue
04418 LRV 4.8
Phthalo Blue
04421 LRV 7.1
Phthalo Green
04419 LRV 14.8
Chrome Green Oxide
04424 LRV 67.9
Hansa Yellow
04423 LRV 51.6
Chrome Yellow
04426 LRV 29.5
Yellow Oxide
04412 LRV 18.8
Raw Sienna
04405 LRV 6.5
Burnt Umber
04406 LRV 6.3
Raw Umber
04425 LRV 93.5
Scenic White
04407 LRV 3.5
Lamp Black