Industrial Supplies Catalogue

Cloverdale Paint's Industrial Centres now carry a large assortment of industrial supplies.

This catalogue provides a list of core items used by the majority of industrial protective coating applicators. It represents key supplies such as tape, abrasives, cleaners and personal protection products that are required on-the-job at many work sites.

The Industrial Protective Coatings Division of Cloverdale Paint strives to meet your needs. If you require a tool or supply that is not included in this catalogue, please contact your Cloverdale Industrial Sales Representative and they will source it for you.

What it all means to you...

Ordering Synergies At Cloverdale, ordering your industrial protective coatings and industrial supplies is simple. It can be done in one step and from one source.
• “One Stop Shopping” for all your Coating and Industrial Supply needs.
• Saves time.
• Saves shipping costs.
• Less invoices, statements and other paperwork to manage.

No Minimum Quantities

At Cloverdale quantities can be tailored to meet your needs so your inventory is easy to maintain. We can provide case-lot quantities and pricing for faster moving supplies while still providing just the right amount of those items you only need now and then.

Competitive Pricing Everyday

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