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We are proud to carry world-class coating solutions from our trusted industry partners.

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Industrial Industry Partner Ennis


The way society moves through the world should be an afterthought. When it comes to roads, interchanges, airports, hospitals, schools and any other place along our routes in life—we don’t always think about how they are constructed or the science behind how they work—we just expect them to. That means every country, government, contractor, architect and engineer needs the right tools at their disposal to make sure the communities under their watch are protected by high-quality, well thought out infrastructure that keeps them safe and the world running smoothly. That’s why every Ennis-Flint, Inc. product and application is designed for quality -- quality that ensures safety, reliability and clarity no matter the project.

Industry Partner LifeLast


LifeLast DuraShield and DuraGard coatings provide superior protection in harsh industrial environments: concrete and flooring, fish and wildlife, food and agribusiness, marine, pulp and paper, rail, transportation and trucking, water and wastewater treatment and transmission environments.

Industrial Industry Partner NSP


NSP Specialty Products is a small, service-oriented manufacturer of high performance, protective coating products for metal, concrete, fiberglass and various other surfaces. Their epoxies provide superior protection from corrosion, chemical & abrasive attack in new construction, restoration and preventative maintenance projects.