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Welcome to the Cloverdale Paint Business Centre

At Cloverdale Paint we're committed to working closely with our business customers and suppliers, providing them with the resources and services they need to operate their businesses successfully and efficiently.


Customer Credit Accounts

We provide customer credit accounts upon request. Please feel free to discuss new accounts or any changes to your existing account with your Cloverdale Sales Representative, Branch Manager or our Credit Services Department at 604-596-6261 or credit@cloverdalepaint.com.

Options for receiving your Invoices and Account Statements

For on-account purchases where invoices are not received at time of purchase, several options are available for delivery of invoices to you:

  • Mailed directly to you on one of the following frequencies:- Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly
  • Emailed to a specified email address on one of the following frequencies: - Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly

To change your distribution method to emailing, please contact your sales representative, branch manager or email credit@cloverdalepaint.com. You'll be asked to provide the email address to which you'd like your invoices emailed to, as well as the frequency on which you’d like to receive them. Where applicable, distribution of monthly account statements will follow the same delivery method as present for invoice delivery.

Customer Monthly Account Statements

Cloverdale Paint provides our customers with the option of receiving monthly account statements which summarize open invoices and payments made. For customers receiving monthly account statements, your method of distribution will be the same as requested for invoice delivery. If you’d like to change your account to receive or not receive a monthly account statement, please email your request to credit@cloverdalepaint.com.

On-line Payment of Invoices and Statement Balances

We are now offering the option to pay invoice or account statement balances through your own financial institution’s on-line banking system. Many of our customers are now paying bills by this method. If you’d like to set up your business for on-line payment, please search for and add “Cloverdale Paint Inc” as a payee in your institution’s bill payment area. You’ll also need to input your “Account Number” when prompted. This account number or account code is usually a 6 character code printed right after “SOLD TO:” on customer invoices and also present in the “CUSTOMER CODE” box on monthly customer account statements.

If you’re paying selected invoices or part of your account statement total, it would be helpful if you emailed payment details to credit@cloverdalepaint.com, including your customer account number, invoice numbers and amounts being paid, total payment amount and date of payment.

Terms of Sale

Please click here to view the standard Cloverdale Paint Terms of Sale applicable to all sales invoices.

Credit Application Form

Please follow the link below to view Cloverdale’s Customer Credit Application Form. For customer credit account setups or changes, please contact your sales representative, branch manager or feel free to contact Cloverdale’s Credit Services Department at credit@cloverdalepaint.com or 604-596-6261.



Cloverdale Paint Inc. Purchase Order Terms

Please click here to view the standard Cloverdale Paint Terms of Purchase applicable for all Purchase Order transactions initiated by Cloverdale Paint Inc.