Architects, Designers, Specifiers

Architects and Specifiers

Product data and CSI spec information provided with professional personal service.


Product specifications delivered in CSI format for drop-in convenience by CSI-CDT professionals dedicated to accuracy and proper applications. Our people are in the field! Architectural Rep assistance for inspection and written specifications working with owners, architects and spec writers, GCs and painter and coating trades, and coordinating data for all provided products.


Full line of paints and coatings supported by professional colour tools and life-cycle warranties addressing low and ultra-low VOC applications to meet LEEDs and LOTUST building requirements, CHPS and Green Wise certified paints with a broad selection of MPI and FDA approved products. In-stock lines of advanced formulation industrial coatings with complete engineering data support. If your specification calls for products that we do not distribute, we will make every effort to get this in for on-time delivery to the project. Paints and coatings manufactured and delivered locally.