About Us

Our vision is to be the supplier and employer of choice in our industry. We describe this vision as “The Place to Be”

The Cloverdale Group of Companies will be the largest family owned and operated coatings company in North America

Cloverdale Paint has had a special relationship with its customers ever since the company was founded in 1933. This relationship is built on a commitment to providing exceptional quality and superior customer service.

The Cloverdale Group operates several world-class facilities; each one specialized to produce dedicated technologies in the most efficient processes available. All of our operations implement a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9000:2008.

Our Technology Centers and Colour Labs are well positioned to provide exceptional turnaround time for custom solutions. And with Company stores in every major city across the country, we stock and supply our customer’s products locally, with people who know them and their business.

The Industrial Division provides unique solutions for three broad segments of Performance Coatings:

  • Protective
  • OEM
  • General Industrial

Each has a dedicated team within our Technology Centers, focusing on pushing the limits of design performance and product optimization to create value for our customers. All segments are serviced by Canada’s largest NACE Certified sales team.