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Exterior Home Makeover Paint Kits

Our Home Makeover Paint Kits are convenient packages designed to provide all the materials a person needs to paint an area of the house that may need some attention, or, just to change the colour.

The kits bring together high quality paint finishes, painting and application tools, suited to each kit. Simply determine the square footage of the room you're looking to paint and match the paint kit to that size.  Once you've selected the kit, you'll need to decide on the Cloverdale Paint colours for each of the containers in the kit.

When you're ready, fill out the order form via the 'Order' link at the bottom of the page to send your order request to the Cloverdale Paint location closest to you for processing and pickup.

Start painting by determining the area of your project

First, calculate the total coverage area of the area (total square feet). Simply measure the length and width of the space, as well as the height to be painted. Write it down somewhere to figure out the total paintable area of that space.

For Example:  

    A room 9' wide by 12' in length with standard 8' high ceilings has a total wall space of 336 square feet. 
  > the 9' long walls have a total area of 144 square feet  [(9' wide x 8' high) x 2 = 144 square feet]
  > the 12' long walls have a total area of 192 square feet  [(12' wide x 8' high) x 2 = 192 square feet]

Second, when you know the total dimension (in square feet) of the size of the area to be painted, select one of the kits below that suits your needs and total dimension of the area you'd like to paint.

Cloverdale Paint SharkSkin deck DIY paint kit

The Sharkskin Translucent Deck Paint Kit Includes:

1 x Gallon (3.78L) of premium SharkSkin Translucent Stain in your choice of Base (Cedar, Maple, Teak, Arbutus, Ironwood, Fir)
1 x Nour Deluxe Lint Free Tray Kit, 240 mm
1 x Wood Stain Brush, 100% Polyester, 3"
1 x Deck Srub Brush, 8x2 1/4"
1 x Wood Handle
1 x Richard Woodscraper blade
1 x Richard Woodscraper, LongHandle, 2"
1 x Cloverdale Paint Sharkskin Wood Cleaner/Brightener, 3.78
1 x Cloverdale Paint Reusable Tote Bag

Cloverdale Paint exterior fence staining kit

The Exterior Fence Staining Kit Includes:

3 x Gallons (3 x 3.78L) of WeatherOne Acrylic Solid Stain
1 x Nour Deluxe Lint Free Tray Kit, 240mm
2 x Nour Plastic Tray Liner, 240mm (4L)
2 x Nour Lint Free Roller, 240 x 10mm
2 x Nour Brilliant Finish Brush, Angle Sash, 63mm
1 x Cloverdale Paint Sharkskin Wood Cleaner/Brightener, 3.87L
1 x Cloverdale Paint Reusable Tote Bag


Cloverdale Paint garage and trim DIY paint kit

The Exterior Trim and Garage Door Paint Kit Includes:

2 x Gallons (2 x 3.78L) of premium Guardian Exterior Acrylic Stain
Up to 2 Cloverdale Paint colours for the paint (choose your colours in next step)
1 x Nour Deli Lint Free Tray Kit, 240mm
2 x Nour Traditional Brush, Poly/Nylon Angular, 63mm
1 x Wooster Pelican Hand-held Pail, 1L
1 x Wooster Pelican Pail Liner, 3-Pack
1 x Wooster Jumbo-Koter Pro/Doo-Z Mini Roller, 4 1/2 x 3/8", 2-Pack
1 x Wooster Jumbo Koter Cage Frame w/14" Handle, 4/ 1/2"
1 x Polysheet 8' x 12'
2 x 3M Masking Tape 2090, Blue Painter's, 36mm
1 x Cloverdale Paint Reusable Tote Bag

Select from our popular colours or a new favourite

Choosing paint colours starts with figuring out what general colour you and the people occupying the space enjoy - or can at least agree on!  If you have no idea, consider the more permanent objects in the space as as source of inspiration - the sofa, a piece of artwork, lamp shades, brick, tiles, etc.  Those objects contain colours that may be great as a wall colour!

Cloverdale Paint has a wide range of paint colours from which to choose and that suit all colour preferences - from popular off-whites and neutrals in our Artisan collection, to the stronger, bolder hues in the ColorIs collection. Currently, we are not accepting colour matches for these kits.

Make sure to write down the colour code(s) and colour name(s), as you'll need them for the ordering process.
Colour Codes CA001 - CA228Colour Codes 0001 - 1320 
 Exterior     Porch
 Colour Codes EX001 - EX096Colour Codes EX219 - EX291 
SharkSkin WeatherOne_Stains 
Colour Codes EX97 - EX167 Colour Codes EX171 - EX217 

Place your order by completing our online form!

Now that you've selected the type of kit for your project and the colours for the paint, your last step is to place that order! This is an order request form, so we will not be asking for any payment information online. 

The request will be sent to the store closest to you. When we receive it, we'll review it and give you a call within the business day! We'll go over with you your order, answer any questions you may have, and let you know the next steps.

Once you've agreed, make your way to your branch and pick up your paint kit, all ready to go!

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Conditions of Sale of Home Makeover Kits:
- The order being submitted is simply an order request. You will receive a call from a store staff member to finalize your colours, suitability of products for your project and for payment options.
- No Refunds or Substitutions.
- Ontario Customers: Please speak with your Cloverdale Paint representative about price differences between this website and actual prices in Ontario.
- Cloverdale Paint retains the right to change any component of the kit that is affected by supply issues.
- Cloverdale Paint colours only - no custom colours or colour matching available.