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Towerthon Elastomeric


Towerthon Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

Towerthon is a high build, enviro-friendly, breathable elastomeric coating formulated to achieve exceptional adhesion for use on concrete, masonry, brick, stucco and concrete block. Towerthon is internally plasticized to retain its highly flexible properties which gives it a prolonged service life. Towerthon’s excellent elongation and recovery properties make it the coating of choice for hairline or “crazed” cracked surfaces where flexible movement capability is a critical factor in maintaining a water resistant barrier. Towerthon maintains its flexibility over a broad temperature range, so it will expand and contract with the building and continue to bridge existing, or developing surface hairline cracks. Towerthon dries to an attractive, dirt-resisting satin sheen, and is available in brilliant white and thousands of custom colours.

2015 Series Towerthon Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

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​Weatherproof & Breathable

Towerthon seals out wind driven rain when applied to a properly prepared surface. Towerthon’s breathability permits moisture vapour to escape through it’s film preventing coating failure and substrate damage which may other wise result from moisture entrapment.


Towerthon is based on internally plasticized elastic polymers. This imparted flexibility gives Towerthon excellent elongation and recover y properties allowing the Towerthon coating to move with the building over the long term. Towerthon remains flexible over a broad temperature range and will expand and contract without cracking.

Bridges Hairline Cracks

Towerthon has superior elongation properties allowing it to bridge hairline or spider web cracks up to 1/16” wide. It will also prevent new hairline cracks from compromising the elastomeric film.

Dirt Rejection

Towerthon’s low sheen waterproof finish resists airborne dust and dirt accumulation. Rain will wash away much of the dirt and dust that accumulates on other low sheen exterior paint films. Towerthon is also internally plasticized, which prevents the plasticizer from leaching to the sur face of the coating therefore preventing further dirt pick up.

Mildew Resistant & Non-Toxic

Towerthon contains non-mercurial anti mildew fungicides to resist the growth of disfiguring mould and mildew. Towerthon is not formulated with lead, mercury, asbestos or formaldehyde. Towerthon is a Low VOC product.


Towerthon is warranted against peeling, blistering, excessive chalking and above ground water penetration from rain. Warranties are available subject to on-site inspections, when applied in strict accordance with specifications. Contact your Cloverdale representative for details.