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SharkSkin Deck & Siding Stain

SharkSkin® Deck & Siding Stain

Designed specifically for Canadian weather climates. Sun-drenched Summers and tough Canadian Winters - from wet coastal Vancouver Island through the frigid temperatures, snow and ice through Alberta, into the Prairies and Eastern Canada, SharkSkin® Deck & Siding stain was developed to withstand these wide ranging conditions using the latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology.


7240 Series Satin Solid Hide Acrylic Urethane Wood Stain

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The ultimate in Deck & Siding protection!  SharkSkin® Solid Hide stain is an exterior 100% acrylic solid hide stain developed with the industry’s latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology that provides superior adhesion, durability and resistance to cracking, peeling, and blistering. Formulated with fewer volatile solvents and additional mold & mildew inhibitors compared to conventional solid hide stains.

Recommended Uses

Ideally suited for exterior wood decks, patios, stair treads or other horizontal surfaces where a ‘paint look’ is desired. Recommended for use on wood, composite or cement board siding, fences, deck railings, soffits, trim, exterior stucco or other cementitious surfaces. Also recommended for use on properly prepared previously painted surfaces. 

Preparation & Application Tips

Painting your wood deck can be the most challenging painting project around the home. Construction lumber is an unstable substrate at the best of times, however, when laid out parallel to the ground with extreme hot and cold on the top surface combined with high moisture generation on the bottom side, the need to do it right becomes much more of a requirement.

Deck coatings can be subjected to the sun’s intense UV radiation, ponding water, ice, salt, hot tub chemicals, abrasive grit, snow shovels and scrapers, high pressure washers, mildew and algae growth to name a few of the exposures that deck coatings are required to withstand. All this protection is asked of only a few thousands of an inch of surface coating.

Surface Preparation for New Decks

  • Decks must be constructed properly. Avoid exposed trim ends as much as possible as these are the natural routes of moisture entry into the wood.
  • Dressed lumber deck boards with a high sheen level such as Pine or Fir need to have this mill glaze removed by sanding with 80 grit sandpaper.
  • Spindles and balusters should be trimmed at an angle to encourage water run-off and sit above the deck surface to minimize the possibility of moisture wicking up into the end grain. Trim ends should be spot primed during construction with 15130 Alkyd Stain Blocking Primer.
  • Deck boards should be spaced sufficiently to allow ventilation between boards. Hand rails and caps should have a drip edge to shed moisture. A gradual slope away from the house keeps the surface free of ponding water.
  • Dimensioned lumber deck boards must be prime coated on all 6 sides with oil-based Alkyd Stain Blocking Primer 15130 prior to installation.
  • A moisture barrier on near grade level decks is always recommended.
  • All deck lumber must be allowed to season for 2 – 4 weeks after construction during normally dry conditions prior to staining. Pressure treated wood must season for 4 weeks minimum.

Surface Preparation for Existing Decks

  • Existing decks must be thoroughly cleaned prior to re-painting. Mildew and algae must be cleaned and neutralized using a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. This solution must remain in contact with the mildew or algae for at least 15 minutes then rinsed. Protect plants and water sources.
  • Loose or popping nail heads should be pulled and replaced with a galvanized nail of larger size. Nail or screw heads should be countersunk to not create a tripping hazard. Fill all nail heads with a suitable exterior filler.
  • All cracks or checks in the deck boards or other gaps where moisture could penetrate into the lumber should be caulked with a caulking material.
  • No Primer Required! SharkSkin® is self-priming on properly prepared new or weathered wood and previously painted surfaces when applied following full label and Technical Data Sheet instructions.
    Important Note: If your deck has had a history of repeated paint or stain failure and your deck boards are not protected on the underside by a primer coat or moisture barrier, your deck may not be suitable for SharkSkin®.
  • A fresh coat of SharkSkin® will not stop the spread of rot. All soft or rotted boards need to be replaced with a rot-resistant wood such as cedar or pressure treated woods prior to re-painting.

Warranty Information

SharkSkin® Deck & Siding stain carries a Limited Warranty of 6 years on horizontal surfaces and 20 years on vertical surfaces when applied following full label, technical data sheet and warranty instructions.

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Available Colours

  • SharkSkin Solid Hide Deck & Siding stain is available in a wide range of published colours, or, can be custom-tinted to suit the colour and design needs for a project.
  • For on-screen samples of these colours, click HERE
  • To ensure complete colour satisfaction, it's important to see the colours in person at a Cloverdale Paint store or Authorized Dealer location.

Sharkskin Translucent wood stain

7250 Series Translucent Wood Stain for Decks, Siding & Fences

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A combination of time-tested alkyd resins and oils that provide a calculated combination of deep penetration and durability to provide maximum longevity and protection for exterior wood surfaces. Providing quality products and exceptional service since 1933.

  • Hydrophobic - reduces the amount of water passing through the stain and helps to slow the degradation of the wood.
  • Transparent Iron Oxide pigments provide for maximum protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays and helps to reduce degradation of the wood.
  • Low molecular weight oils provide the deepest penetration into the pores of the wood.
  • Industry-leading alkyd resin contributes wear resistance, toughness and durability.
  • Formulated with fewer volatile solvents compared to conventional semi-transparent stains.

Recommended Uses

Use on vertical and horizontal surfaces, new or existing decks, pool and hot tub surrounds, stairs, railings, siding, outdoor furniture, trim, lattice, doors, spindles, timber frames and fences.

Available in 6 factory-mixed, ready-to-apply colours:

  • 72500 Cedar
  • 72511 Honey Maple
  • 72515 Ironwood
  • 72512 Teak
  • 72513 Arbutus
  • 72516 Weathered Fir
      For on-screen samples of these colours, click HERE.  To ensure complete colour satisfaction, it's important to see the colours in person at a Cloverdale Paint store or Authorized Dealer location.