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A premium, single component, low luster, floor coating for interior or exterior use. Ideal for application on concrete and wood floors, basement and utility room floors, concrete patios and porches. Performs well on properly prepared interior wood and concrete walking surfaces on exterior cured concrete and asphalt surfaces. This product develops a hard, durable low sheen finish and is available in all colours - a seemingly limitless range of custom-tinted colours.

0250 Series Acrylic Floor Finish

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0258 Light Grey Acrylic Floor Finish


Cloverdale's Porch & Floor Acrylic Finish is a premium interior/exterior 100% acrylic latex floor coating for use on concrete, wood or asphalt stairs or floors. Ideal for painting basement and utility room floors, concrete patios and porches. The low odour, fast dry formula is suited for household or light industrial uses. A durable Pearl sheen provides inherent non-skid surface characteristics. Where additional slip resistance is required, a particle aggregate may be added to the coating. Provides good resistance to alkalis and ultraviolet light. Approved by the Master Painter's Institute under category # 60.

Recommended Uses

Recommended for use on interior/exterior concrete or wood floors and steps. Apply only at room temperatures above 10o C (50o F). Not recommended for garage floors or heavy industrial use. NOTE: Vehicle tires may lift this product on garage floors.