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43700 AquaSeal Waterborne Clear Acrylic Sealer

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AquaSeal Clear Acrylic Water Repellent is a premium quality all-purpose sealer for use on a variety of masonry surfaces. AquaSeal forms an invisible weather resistant, moisture barrier protecting concrete and masonry surfaces from damage caused by efflorescence, spalling, de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and general degredation caused by water infiltration. Can be used for interior or exterior application. Approved by the Master Painter’s Institute under category #99.

Recommended Uses

Ideal for use on poured in place or tilt-up concrete, paving stones, concrete block, cinder block, brick, unglazed tiles, exposed aggregates, stucco or other masonry surfaces. Not recommended for non-porous surfaces such as marble, previously painted surfaces, granite or terazzo. Check with your Cloverdale representative for other substrates.


45110 Concrete Glaze Solvent Based Acrylic Seal 'N' Shine

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Seal ‘n Shine is a solvent based acrylic penetrating sealer for concrete, brick, exposed aggregate, tile, mortar and masonry block. This product will protect concrete and masonry surfaces from spalling, efflorescence, de-icing salts, oils, grease and freeze-thaw damage. The film will show some sheen depending on the porosity. It is very clear, non-yellowing, abrasion resistant, non-lifting and is suitable for interior or exterior exposure. This product is VOC compliant under Environment Canada regulations and is approved by the Master Painters Institute under category # 34 & 104. Use extreme caution when applying indoors to remove all possible sources of ignition such as pilot lights, etc.

Recommended Uses

Recommended as a sealer for concrete, concrete block or exposed aggregate driveways pathways or steps. Also ideal for stamped concrete patios or paving stones. Use indoors on slate, tile or terrazzo. Ventilate well for interior use and remove all possible sources of ignition.