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How To Paint Interior Projects

Smoke & Fire Damage

Fix Smoke Odour and Fire Damage

Project Scenario

Joe, the remodeler, is fixing a kitchen. The stove caught on fire and burned the walls, causing smoke odour and fire damage.


  • Remove and replace, where necessary, all charred substrate.
  • Wash hard surfaces with bleach and water.
  • Fabrics need to be dry cleaned.

Primer Coat

05130 Prime Solution Stain Blocking Primer
15150 Prime Solution Synthetic Shellac (for more stubborn stains)

Top Coat

A wide range of finishes can be applied, depending upon the location and function of the space in the home. View our interior paints and coatings product selector for more information. Also see our do it yourself tips for painting a living room with an accent wall or painting office walls for top coat suggestions.


Caution! Things to consider

  • Make sure the carpet has dried before painting. High humidity can affect dry times
  • Use a respirator when using shellacs
  • Dispose of rags safely
  • Shellac is not an approved vapour barrier system for new construction
  • If there are heavy nicotine or smoke stains present, use 15150 Prime Solution Synthetic Shellac
  • Clear finishes will allow for easier inspections at a later date, especially in attics

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