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Brick Fireplace

Paint an Interior Brick Fireplace

Project Scenario

Steve and Maria want to paint an interior brick fireplace. What is the process?


  • Use a vacuum to clean the outside and around the fireplace
  • Loose paint needs to be scraped or wire brushed
  • Areas with soot and heavily soiled areas must be cleaned with soap and water
  • Rinse thoroughly and let dry
  • If there are any holes, repair with an exterior spackle
  • Cracks should be filled with a paintable caulk or exterior spackle

Primer Coat

  • 05132 Prime Solution Alkali Resistant Primer

Top Coat

  • For bright and dramatic colours, use Ecologic Colour Coat in "Satin", available in a wide range of saturated, primary colours.
  • To maintain more of a classic look of an off-white, use the same paint used on the trim and doors in the room, or, move to a lower or higher finish product:

"Semi Gloss":  4405X, Super2 100% Acrylic Latex
"Pearl or "Satin":  0362X, Kitchen & Bath 100% Acrylic Latex
"Eggshell": 4305X, Super 2 100% Acrylic Latex
"Flat":  0312X, Premium Classic Latex


Caution! Things to consider

  • Do not paint the interior of the fireplace. Direct falmes can reach 1200° and most paints cannot withstand these temperatures.
  • If, due to an uneven textured surface, all of the smoke and soot deposits cannot be removed, prime affected areas with _________, available at Cloverdale Paint stores.
  • Soot will tend to build up quicker on white / off white colors as well as flat finishes.

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