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Accent Wall

Paint Living Room with Accent Wall

Project Scenario

Alisha wants to paint her living room walls a calming butter with one dramatic accent wall. What are her choices?


  • Clean soiled areas with soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Patch holes with spackle. Match the texture.
  • Degloss any shiny areas.
  • Inspect for water stains, lipstick, or crayon markers or shoe scuffs. Spot prime with appropriate primer.

Primer Coat (for bare gypsum wall board)

Choose Horizon primer/sealer for an ultra low VOC, "green paint" coating option or if you have sensitivity to paint smell.

Best: 05250 Premium Classic Latex Drywall Primer / Sealer
Good: 05720 Master Painter Latex Primer

Top Coat

Choose Horizon interior for a low VOC, "green paint" coating option or if you have sensitivity to paint smell.

Best: 43051 Super2 100% Acrylic Latex, "Eggshell" finish
Better: 03240 Premium Classic Latex, "Eggshell" finish


Caution! Things to consider

  • For a primary colour accent wall, choose Colour Base Enamels for true, rich colours with fewer coats of paint.
  • If your ceiling is over 8 feet high, use ladders or extension poles for safe application of coating.
  • If you'd like a residential painter referral, contact a Cloverdale Paint store near you.
  • Horizon Interior paints will dry odour free for those who are sensitive to paint smell.
  • Dark colours show marks and are hard to clean. The higher the gloss or sheen, the easier it is to clean, but more substrate imperfections are visible. The flatter the gloss or sheen, the better the wall looks, but will be much more difficult to clean.
  • For a uniform look, the wall may require two coats.
  • For spot priming difficult areas, consider Shellac.

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