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Storing and Recycling Paint

About Product Care

In eight Canadian provinces, Product Care provides recycling locations where you can bring various types of leftover paint, including latex and oil-based paint, primers, coatings, aerosols and empty paint cans (plastic, metal and composite).

Recycling locations include bottle depots, recycling centres, municipal sites and retail locations. Visit the recycling locator to find your nearest location. It’s free to drop off your paint at any of the sites listed. They also offer free leftover paint to the public through their PaintShare program.

How To Recycle Paint

Step 1: Drop off up to 10 paint cans or 50 spray bottles per visit to your nearest Product Care Recycling Location
Step 2: Paint must be in the original container, with the labels still on
Step 3: Don't combine leftover paint together or mix any other products with it
Step 4: Make sure paint cans are sealed before bringing them to a recycling centre


Why Recycle Paint?

Paint beautifies our homes and brings colour to our lives. When used properly, it has little impact on the environment. However, not every can of paint gets used up, and if it’s improperly disposed of, leftover paint can be harmful to the environment and can threaten marine life, sewers and streams, and take up unnecessary landfill space.

As paint is a special waste substance that must be handled securely, leftover paint and paint cans should be managed responsibly. The safest option to reduce landfill waste and environmental harm is by dropping them off at a Product Care Recycling location. Quality paint is made available for reuse through our PaintShare program, and the rest is responsibly managed, typically through recycling.

What Kind of Paint can be Recycled?

If you’ve run out of uses for your leftover paint, recycle it to keep it out of landfills and waterways.

Each province that Product Care runs their program accepts various types of pain products. Visit your provincial page for more information.

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How Does it Work?

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