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How To Paint Exterior Projects

Water Features & Pools

Paint a Water Feature

Project Scenario

Janelle manages an office building. The water feature coating needs to be updated.

Red Alert

A moisture test is MANDATORY. Perform a moisture test (ASTM3359)

  • Use 4 mil visqueen (2 feet x 2 feet)
  • Duct tape all four sides to pool.
  • Wait 24 hours and look for condensation under the plastic.
  • If wet, do not paint because of hydrostatic pressure.


  • Drain the pool
  • Send a paint chip of the existing film to Ramuc for compatibility testing or perform in-house compatibility test (below).
  • Clean with recommended cleaner. Rinse and let dry thoroughly.
  • Use Ramuc Durathane caulk for cracks
  • Use concrete patch to repair holes larger than 1/4 inch.

Primer Coat / Top Coat

Apply two coats of 815311K2 Ramuc Hi Build Epoxy or 815301 Ramuc Type A Enamel


Caution! Things to consider

  • Dark colors are for accent strips only.
  • Always complete a moisture test before application.
  • Let cure for 10 days before refilling water feature.

In-House Compatibility Test

  • Use rag doused in Xylene. Rub 20 times across existing coating.
  • If there is no "rub off" or wrinkling, then existing coating is a catalyzed system.
  • If film does "rub off" or react, then existing coating is water based or rubber based and further investigation is required. Contact a Cloverdale Paint sales representative for details.

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