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Boat Trailer

Re-paint a Boat Trailer

Project Scenario

Fred the fisherman has a rusty old boat trailer that he wants to paint.


  • Remove dirt and other contaminants by pressure washing or wire brushing.
  • Clean with mildew retardant solution if necessary. Let dry thoroughly.
  • Use a medium grit scrub pad or very fine sandpaper to remove oxidation.
  • Wash surface to remove and sanding residue.

Primer Coat

Galvanized: _____________
Aluminum: _____________
Steel: _____________

Top Coat

Best: _____________
Better: _____________
Good: _____________


Paint Products

  • If the boat trailer has been painted before, the be sure to sand to remove and loose paint and feather the edges.
  • If there is any rust, use a wire brush and treat with Corroseal rust converting primer.

Caution! Things to consider

  • For best results, wait one week at 60°F before submersion.
  • If used in salt water, rinse aggressively to remove salt deposits.

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