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Smoke & Fire Damage

Fix Smoke Odour and Fire Damage

Project Scenario

Joe, the remodeler, is fixing a kitchen. The stove caught on fire and burned the walls, causing smoke odour and fire damage.


  • Remove and replace, where necessary, all charred substrate.
  • Wash hard surfaces with bleach and water.
  • Fabrics need to be dry cleaned.

Primer Coat

Best: _____________
Best: _____________
Best: _____________

Top Coat

Depends on substrate. View our interior paints and coatings product selector for more information. Also see our do it yourself tips for painting a living room with an accent wall or painting office walls for top coat suggestions.


Caution! Things to consider

  • Make sure the carpet has dried before painting. High humidity can affect dry times.
  • Use a respirator when using shellacs.
  • Dispose of rags safely.
  • Shellac is not an approved vapor barrier system for new construction.
  • If there are heavy nicotine stains present, such as a bar or restaurant, a two-step repair is required. First, use an oil based sealer like _________. Then use Shellac to seal in the fire damage and smoke odour.
  • Clear finishes will allow for easier inspections at a later date, especially in attics.

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