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Metal Chimney Flue

Paint a Metal Chimney Flue

Project Scenario

Polly, a condo manager, wants to paint all the metal chimey flues at her complex. They get very hot to the touch. How should she tackle this painting project?


  • Wire brush to remove dirt and other contaminants.
  • Clean with mildew retardant solution if necessary. Let dry thoroughly.
  • Use a medium scrub pad to remove oxidation.
  • Wash surface to remove any sanding residue.


Primer and top coats are determined by how hot the chimney flue gets. Select from the list below.


Top Coat

Above 250°F _______________ _______________
180°F to 250°F _______________ _______________
Below 180°F _______________ _______________

Caution! Things to consider

  • For industrial applications, there are many more choices. Please contact your local Cloverdale Paint representative.
  • For small jobs, we carry Hi-Heat in spray cans.

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