Employee Testimonials

“I’ve just celebrated 31 years with Cloverdale Paint!”

Where does the time go?  Over 30 years ago, I was hired at Cloverdale Paint.  At the time, my children were young and the flexibility of the position worked for our family. 

I’ve had training in all aspects of safety, tinting of architectural and industrial paint and through the years I’ve come to know our contractors and retail customers. 

I’m proud of my career at Cloverdale Paint and the company has treated me fairly throughout the years.  My co-workers are like my family and I plan to be here until I’m 92!

Nola, Customer Service Representative

Stock Clerk to Branch Manager

In 1987, I was hired as a stock clerk and now some 20 years later, I’ve traveled around western Canada working for Cloverdale Paint.  I’ve worked in several stores in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island (6 stores), Calgary, Regina, Red Deer and today I am a Branch Manager in Langley, B.C. 

Cloverdale Paint has provided me with on the job training, they’ve helped with the expense of my post secondary education and have given me the flexibility to pursue my music career.

I’m looking forward to where my future will take me during the next …20 years.

Chris, Branch Manager

“I Just Needed a Job”

My name is Michelle and I accidentally have an awesome career at Cloverdale Paint.  I applied to work here in November of 1990, not because I wanted to know about paint, but because “I just needed a job.”  Cloverdale Paint was hiring… and here I am today!  I started in an entry level position at our Maple Ridge branch, moved into the position of Assistant Manager and then Manager. I have now been here almost 17 years and am currently the Recruitment and Training Manager for the company. Do you want to know what the best part of my job is?  Meeting all kinds of great people as I travel throughout Western Canada.

Cloverdale Paints’ family values, team atmosphere and the great relationships that I have built over the years make it impossible for me to work anywhere else!  Why would I want to!

Who ever knew I’d be following a career path with Cloverdale Paint!!

Michelle, Branch Manager

“Its been good for my family”

After working in at a big box retailer in their paint department and painting sets at the movie studios, I joined Cloverdale Paint at the busy Burnaby location.  Although I enjoyed working with the contractors and staff, when an opportunity became available at the company’s order desk, I transferred to Head Office.  This has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the behind the scenes distribution process of the company and my family has benefited in the hours that I work, Monday to Friday. 

Rebecca, Branch Manager

Chris’s Story

I’ve worked for Cloverdale Paint for the past five years working at various branches across the Lower Mainland while completing my Bachelor’s degree at Simon Fraser University. My job here at Cloverdale Paint has worked out exceptionally well for me while I was attending University and I have now moved onto the position of Team Trainer, where I have been able to put much of what I learned in University to work. While attending University I was able to take advantage of the STEP program at Cloverdale Paint, which helped me pay for part of my tuition and books.  At the same time while attending university I have also attended the school of Cloverdale Paint, learning much in the way of customer service, teamwork and leadership.  I have also been able to take advantage of many of the benefits of working at Cloverdale Paint including, a fair wage, profit sharing plan and an excellent work environment.  In fact I’m still taking advantage of these benefits and many more! Over the year’s everyone has always asked me where are you going to work after you graduate and now the answer looks like it’s going to be Cloverdale Paint for a while!

Chris, Recruitment & Training Coordinator

From Assistant Manager to Industrial Sales Representative

My name is Keith and I’ve had a successful career with Cloverdale paint. After working as an Assistant Manager, I became the Branch Manager for Cloverdale’s flagship store in Edmonton. Learning the business of architectural and industrial coatings, I was able to make the leap into Industrial Sales and have now been responsible for $5+ million territory for the past 12 years. My success has been due to hard work, learning the business and the support of my fellow employees and the company developing new products to meet our customers’ needs.

Keith, Sales Representative

“I was just a kid when I started…Honest!”

In 1977, I was hired on a part time basis as a Warehouse Helper to put price stickers on the paint brushes, rollers and cans.  From there I worked in the factory, putting handles on the cans before automation was brought in. Automation enabled me to transfer to the warehouse as an Order Picker, followed by a promotion to Assistant Foreman and then to Foreman. For me, the opportunity to work in a number of different areas has kept my interest keen.  Cloverdale Paint has provided educational opportunities as well as sponsored a Men’s Fastball Team I was associated with. We have a good time here at Cloverdale Paint and I continue to enjoy the people I work with.

Neil, Daytime Foreman

“I grew up in a paint family”

My Father, Brother and Uncle were all employed by Cloverdale Paint when I was in high school, almost 10 years ago. When I wanted to save up to buy a car, my Father suggested that I work full time at Cloverdale Paint for the summer. I did just that and at the end of the summer I was successful in my goal and bought my car. Throughout that year I stayed on part time because of the flexible hours and was offered full time work when I graduated. Over the years I’ve worked at multiple branches and have even had the chance to travel and help at other stores in different cities, eventually becoming Cloverdale’s first Master Tinter. It’s been a fun ride and I’m looking forward to seeing where this career takes me in the next 10 years!

Darcy, Master Tinter