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Environmentally Friendly Paint

Horizon is a new generation of paint specifically designed to significantly reduce polluting vapours and odours released into the air which can be harmful or irritating to the user or occupants of the areas being painted.

Superior Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent hiding power and washability
  • Protection against bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Equal or better in flow and leveling to Cloverdale's best interior and exterior paints

Intended Uses
Ideally suited for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, public buildings or where occupants may be sensitive to residual paint smell.

Low Odour
Horizon paint goes on with minimal odour and has no residual smell. It's perfect for painting applications where odour is a problem.

Mildew Resistant
Enhanced with antimicrobial agents to provide continuous protection against bacteria, mold and mildew that cause stains and odours on the dried film.

Low VOC's
VOC's (volatile organic compounds) react with air to form ground level ozone. Since Horizon has few VOC's, the environment gets a boost too. VOC's as formulated: less than 1 gram/litre.

Green Wise Certified

Cloverdale Pant products that display the Green Wise mark are tested and certified by Coatings Research Group, Incorporated. These products meet or exceed environmentally determined testing standards and are environmentally preferred over traditional paints and coatings. Visit www.greenwisepaint.com to view product standards.


Environmentally Friendly Paint
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